D7.1 Plan for exploitation and dissemination of the results

Deliverable D1.1 PEDR V0.3 “New Concept of Affordable Wind Energy Generators without Blades - VORTEX” VORTEX H2020-SMEInst-2-2016-2017 Project Number: 726776 Deliverable 7.1 Due date of deliverable: 30/11/2016 Actual date of submission: 30/11/2016 Start date of project: 01-06-2016 Duration: 24 Months Name of partner responsible for deliverable: VORTEX BLADELESS S.L. Authors: Raúl Martín Yunta & Laura Vay del Caño Project co-funded by the European Commission within Horizon2020 Dissemination Level PU Public X CO Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the Commission Services) VORTEX PROJECT – EC GA n°726776 1 Plan for Exploitation and Dissemination of the Results (PEDR) Ref. Ares(2016)6962005 - 14/12/2016